Mark was born in a Carnaby Street in 1967 at the exact moment that Dedicated Follower of Fashion was released by the Kinks. He has been a dedicated follower of sixties Parafin, ale and ears ever since. Mark boasts the bands biggest collection of Beatles wigs with Nick running a close second."I’ll catch up eventually" says Nick wiggily who looks like he has been cultivating a head start!

In 1976 Mark got his first guitar a Zenta Junior. The deal included a free strap, tuner, set of strings and the full orchestral score to Rodrigos Guitar Concerto. After 10 years of hard study and lessons with close neighbour John Williams he could play the first 16 bars - slowly. His proficiency was such that he was advised to take up singing - which he did. The result - a star was born. "I bloody hate that guitar concerto" is something you will often hear Mark say in those darker moments.

Mark has now sung on hundreds of albums as backing vocalist to Sting, Muddy Waters, Nan Mouskouri and a 6 CD set of 10 CC cover versions for Pickwick records entitled "All the crap songs by 10 CC" This is the full back catalogue.

He also runs the Fagley Road George Formby Appreciation Society who meet at his house most days. Conveniently, the other members of this Society are his wife and two sons


In 1967 the Beatles released their classic album Sergeant Pepper, but not before they'd got hold of the master tapes of Colonel Mustard by The Circles own Nick "stomach" Settlers. "I was gutted when I found out they'd nicked all my ideas" he says. Nick first found out about the theft when he noticed the side window to his garage had been left open which he always kept closed because it was so cold. I remember seeing this geezer with long hair, round glasses and cuban heel boots jumping into the back of a black cab - he shouted something like - step on it Ringo I think he saw me!

" Nick had actually penned all the Beatles album material himself but with different words and tunes and it appears that John Lennon had allegedly stolen his tapes in a fit of jealousy - he was such a Jealous Guy. Such songs as the wonderfully witty ditty 'When I'm 34', 'Lucy made a pie with islands' and 'She's Leaving Rome' were the most obvious rip offs. "All the Beatles did was change the tunes and add different words and titles - but apart from that I wrote that album. "Nick is still pursuing the matter in the small claims court. He expects to get at least a tenner back.

After 10 years in a rehab centre in Norfolk recovering from delusions of grandeur, Nick has finally got a job fixing telegram poles. Apart from owning the bands second biggest collection of Beatles wigs, Nick also bends spoons into life size models of film stars for local charitable organisations.


Before Rob was born he was a twinkle in the eye of his mother in Italy, who met his father in Hungary, conceived him in Transylvannia and finally sprouted forth in Thorpe Edge Bradford. This happened so long ago that formal records of his birth are no longer kept. This multi-cultural icon of the booming bass has strong links with "the family" in Sicily and can often be heard murmuring "Love Story" - especially when he sees a violin.

Out of all the members of the band Rob is probably the best at remembering his bass lines. This is mainly because none of the rest of the band play bass. Over the years he has developed a special technique to do this, which you can read all about in his worst selling book "How to remember your bass lines - the technique". We asked him to explain further for this article but he told us to leave him alone.

Rob's most treasured possession is his Rickenbacker 1001 which he cleverly nicknamed Ricky. If anyone ever tries to touch it he can often be heard to murmur "GRRR Offfff That's mmmmmyyy RRRRicky your messing with" followed by the first few bars of "Love Story"

His favourite record is Monster Mash whilst his favourite food is Mash. Incredibly his favourite long running American TV serial from the seventies is M.A.S.H. - or did he say Hawaii Five-O?


Andy was born in Bethlehem in 1966 but moved to Bradford with his parents as house prices were cheaper.

He has a perfect memory and can recall every moment of his life including his birth! "It was awful - I thought my head was going to cave in. " However, he has difficulty in remembering the start to Strange Town - strange!

His favourite band is Boney M. There is no apparent reason for this but you’ll often hear him gently humming Ra Ra Rasputin in those quiet moments whilst knitting bootees for his pet slug Bob.

Andy's music career started unexpectedly when the comically entitled 'Brick House and Rat Tricks' Brass Band came a booming down his street. His first drum kit was home-made due to lack of money and consisted of a large saucepan, a milk pan, a couple of upside down biscuit tins and two wooden spoons. Cheap and unusual but highly effective as within a week his talents were spotted by sound engineer and great mechanic Mike - of Mike and the Mechanics. He was invited to join the band on a tour of Hamburg, as the drummer Pete Worst couldn’t go. Following resounding success in Hamburg where Andy often went on stage with a toilet seat, they then went to the studio to cut their first album but the producer George Fartin insisted on using seasoned session man Andy Black. This hurt Andy so much so that he decided to form his own little combo The Circles and the rest is history.